About Us


The Top Off Rings bottle opening rings began with a simple dream. A dream for quicker and more efficient access to beer.

After years of abusing his wedding ring to open hundreds of thousands of beer bottles, Mark Wegener thought, "wouldn't it be cool to create a ring that would make it easy for anyone to pop the cap off their beer bottle at any given moment?" (or something like that...). Soon after, Mark and his wife, Wendi, along with friend and fellow beer connoisseur, Amy Guthrie, designed and developed this amazing product.

In December of 2008 the team took their operation to the next level, incorporating their company. Over the next two years they obtained multiple patents, performed market testing, and acquired over-seas manufacturers.

More recently they've rebranded themselves, and started offering not only custom/corporate designs, but various licensed products as well. Working hand in hand  with some killer ex-NFL players, Eric Wright (49ers), "Swervyn" Mervyn Fernandez (Raiders) and Del Rogers (49ers) to endorse the product, has also helped them take their product to new heights.

Top Off Rings are becoming the hottest trend in fashion jewelry and corporate identity in the United States and continues to expand its customer base throughout the globe.

Top Off Rings